Field Trip In-House Programs


30 Minute Field Trip Programs:


Human Body Introduces bones, muscles, heart, lungs and healthy habits to early learners. (Gr Pre K-2)

Magnets Uncover the attractive properties of magnets. (Gr K-3)

Matter Explore the three common states of matter and how they change. Plus, experiment with a unique solid - dry ice! (Gr Pre K-12)

Ecology Look into food chains, adaptations, and the physical characeristics of animals while checking out animal skulls. (Gr 1-6)


45 Minute Programs


Chemistry Experiment with physical and chemical changes. (Gr 3-8)

Owl Pellet Dissection Investigate, categorize, identify! What will you discover in YOUR owl pellet? (Gr 3-8)

Cell Biology and DNA Investigate cell biology and DNA. Includes and introduction to electrophoresis. (Gr 6-12)


Must Schedule in advance
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