Welcome to the Third Floor!

The third floor houses the most exhibits. On this floor, you can visit Discovery Town, BodyWorks, the HighWire Bike, the ChromoZone Lab, and the Linda S. and Jerry G. Jared Family Gallery. Take a look below:

Discovery Town

Visit Discovery Town! You will get a chance to create and communicate in Discovery Town, which is designed to look like a city street. This gallery includes a Mama Jean's Natural Market, mini TV studio complete with cameras, a newsroom to write your own news article and take your picture, and a theater to perform.  Stop by the tinkering area to design your own structure with ramps and marbles.


BodyWorks is an extravaganza of health-related displays that explore the human body, health, and wellness. Sense-sational Hall houses unique exhibits like Big MouthEye Spy, and Brain Central that allow visitors to investigate the workings of the human body through giant-sized anatomic models. The BodyWorks Theatre explores the human body systems as well as present videos that highlight the amazing human body.

HighWire Bike William "Wayne" Miller Exhibit

The HighWire Bicycle is an interactive exhibit that allows visitors to experience the law of "center of gravity" in dramatic fashion. The force of gravity acting on an attached counterweight will offset a force that causes the system to tip. 

ChromoZone Lab

In the Cruse Charitable Trust ChromoZone Gallery learn about basics of life where cells, DNA, and genetics are explored. ChromoZone Lab is open to visitors to slow down, sit down and check out a microscopic view of you. Included in general admission.

Linda S. and Jerry G. Jared Family Gallery

This third-floor gallery houses the astronomy section of the center! In this exhibit you can measure your weight in space, look into infinity, or pretend you are a rover! Learn all about NASA and space and the science that goes along with it.